Monday, January 19, 2009

More quilting

I know you are all wondering what is going on with my machine. Well let me show you.

Alex's quilt is finally done.

And since binding was impossible to do in a timely manner by hand, I decided to use my machine and do a "baseball" stitch all the way around. It didn't turn out perfect, but at least he will get the quilt today instead of next year. :-).

I posted this quilt when I first finished the top. It is a bitter sweet quilt for me cause I hate it. It is very loud. But, I also love it. I went outside my comfort zone to complete this quilt. I have never made anything so "loud" and pushed myself to take the pattern and make it my own. Well then I quilted it myself on my machine. I put flowers in the centers of the four patches and did some squigglies around the outside. I have had several people offer to take it off my hands, but because of everything that I put in it, I just can't see it leave my hands.
I still have to hand do the binding, but we will see how long that takes :-).

Now it's time to see what other unfinished projects I have, and what I can do to finish them. It feels really good to get these off my plate!


Miller Moments said...

I love both quilts. Someone from our old church made Eli a quilt like the baseball one at my baby shower and the second quilt, the "loud" one, has a beautiful old fashioned look to it.

jgf said...

Love both quilts. The baseball stitch is a fantastic idea!

Tammie said...

Cori- that quilt is so cool. Amazin!!!