Monday, January 05, 2009

Pretty good two days

Ok, so yesterday was probably one of the best days I've had. At 8:00am Alex got home from being gone a week. I was so happy to see him, we talked for a while about his week and his holiday's with his other family and it was great to see him smile. I missed him so much.
We went to church and the lesson in Sunday School was SO good. It was on discipline, and I can't wait for next week. Plus the Daniels came so I "volunteered" to hold their new born for the morning. (Ok, it wasn't volunteering, I took him, but they don't mind and I get my baby fix).

We came home from church and instead of my Sunday nap in my room I curled up on the couch with David to watch football- and I fell asleep.

I had a hair appointment and while I was waiting I got a free hand massage. I'm telling you it was WONDERFUL.

Then we got Josiah ready for bed and went to Jeremy & Jennifer Williams house (in the snow) to play five crowns. I was so desperate to play that we risked getting stuck to go beat them at the game.

And today it just got better. One of my directors had told me that he had an amazing Christmas gift for me, he had told me he and his wife were really excited for me to get it and when he showed up today I was excited to open it.

He gave me the concert book from Bryan Adams 1985 World Tour AND some photos that his wife's friend took from close to the stage. It is SOOOO cool- words cannot describe the excitement!! (Yes I know I'm a nerd).

So totally cool! I think I need to get a shadow box now to put some of this stuff in!!

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Miller Moments said...

Don't you just love perfect days? BTW, I meant to tell you last night that your hair looked great! I rarely see you wear it down and it's really pretty.