Monday, July 02, 2007

Church Picnic

One of my favorite things to do each July is our annual church picnic. It is usually scheduled on the fourth of July, but this year they decided to hold it on the sunday before.
We have a great time, it's a potluck and all the little old ladies bring their home made dishes which make my drool just thinking about them. There is also games for the kids and then a great game of softball.

Josiah waiting very patiently to be told when he can play with the parachute.

Our church owns a parachute and it's a HUGE hit with the preschoolers, but you have to be a good listener...

Mikayla with the parachute... all the good ones of her I got were blurry.

Probably one of my favorite photos, and also a warning to those with Blackberry's. Please be careful cause this is what your love life could turn into:

This is Kim & Keith (Mikayla's dad). He loves that blackberry.

While Josiah was playing kid games David & Alex headed over to the softball field for some fun...

Overall it was a great day, perfect for a picnic in the park. Later that night we had another coed softball game. I found out I was playing second, and I was so excited! I love playing second!! didn't do too badly. I was also the lead off hitter- which I realized last night I'm not fond of that spot in the line up. I didn't hit that well so I think it's time to go to the batting cages.
I know Kim got some shots of me at second so I hope to get them from her.

I learn more about my ankle tomorrow & I will post information then!

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