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Co Ed Game Recaps

Our coach and good friend Keith has been creatively coming up with "recaps" from our coed games and I just have to share them. I find them extremely enjoyable to read, so I going to start posting them :-).
This one is from July 1st:

07/03/2007 2:03 PM ET
Johnson names players who received game balls for Sunday’s game
Kent Oliver to resume pitching and leadoff duties upon returning for important midseason game vs. recing crew

o-crew headlines

O-crew glossary
Lewis gives stellar effort, but O-crew fall

C. Lewis and N. Cory receive game balls
Claire: Johnson’s integrity shines on

Stevens injures foot


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LYNNWOOD – O-Crew manager Keith Johnson and Executive Vice President & General Manager of Baseball Operations Dean Stevens announced today that there will now be an O-crew glossary of terms to be used for communicating on the field with players and coaches. This is being done in hopes that the mishaps that have occured the last two games might be avoided. Stevens and Johnson still have high hopes for O-Crew reaching their goal of making the post season. Any rumors that the Oakley merger with Luxottica Group effecting the players and coaches has been denied.
Johnson, 33, is in his first full season leading the O-Crew coaching staff. He joined the staff in the beginning of the 2007 season and has served as the first base coach, shortstop, and EH, while also helping instruct the outfielders and baserunning. With the recent mistakes in the field and baserunning Johnson decided it was time to fix it now so O-Crew will better their chances of getting to and surviving the playoffs.Glossary of terms will be found at the end of this press release.
Dave Lewis stepped in to pitch and for a second consecutive game saw a stellar performance go wasted as O-Crew was not able to hold off the Blue Wave. Blue Wave jumped out to a seven nothing lead early but the O-Crew bats came alive to go ahead 10-9 but couldn’t hold the Blue Wave as they scored two in the seventh to take the lead and win 11- 10. Kent Oliver will be back this Sunday to resume pitching and lead off duties. Hopefully this will get O-Crew back on track and headed to the playoffs.
Some bright spots of the evening include Cori Lewis making her debut at second base and playing extremely well earning her the game ball for the night. She has been hitting the ball well only to fall victim of the at’em ball. Nathan Cory also played well in the field and brought his youthful enthusiasm that was sorely missed in the previous week.
Although coach Johnson had some rough moments in the game and had to walk off frustrations at key moments he did not suffer a heart attack as rumored and he is back at work doing fine(sort of). Bonnie Oliver and others rallied to keep Johnson in check thus keeping his head from spinning and flying off. Thanks to John Kirkham for ending the night in prayer and reminding us all that it’s just a game. See glossary below because although it’s just a game why not make it easier for all.

Take A look, usually means the pitcher has been struggling so it might be a good idea to make him/her throw a strike before swinging
RED LIGHT, DO NOT SWING THE BAT FOR ANY REASON! Especially men since it is a double if we walk.
GO GO GO!, Quit looking at the ball and listen to your coach! If they say go you go until they say stop. This one is pretty straight forward.
FREEZE ON LINE DRIVE( IE) in the air, you don’t move a muscle unless coach says to go. Must be aware of outs at all time, with two outs you go no matter what.
EAT IT! Hold the ball , run it into the infield
CUT AND HOLD, See previous definition
HOLD IT, HOLD IT, HOLD IT, yep you guessed it, this means hold the ball.

And this one is from July 8th's game:
O-Crew has plenty of smiles all around despite continued struggles
Associated Press
Updated: July 6, 2007, 8:57 PM ET
LYNNWOOD, WA -- The O-CREW activated right-hander Kent Oliver after he missed the previous weeks game for personal matters and optioned righty Dave Lewis back to the outfield, “It’s not an outfield. It’s an adventure”, said KO on his first night back on the mound in two weeks. An adventure it was. Unusual drops, unusual catches, and if you haven’t ever seen it before; last night you did! Although the final result was a loss GM Dean Stevens was genuinely pleased with the player’s ability to follow the new glossary in it’s first week in use. It has come to Johnson’s attention some other key terms may need to be added, but we will see how next week’s game goes.
Last night was a different Dave Lewis as well as he wore something other than his normal hotpants, “they fit tighter around his buns”, Kirkham said. “I don’t mind that at all”, was heard somewhere in the dugout. One can only hope it came from his wife Cori, one can only hope. In my years of covering men’s softball I can safely say I have not heard comments such as these before.
Back to the game: O-Crew started out falling behind after the first inning and played catch up all game. Two separate rallies got them within a run but Recing Crew was to much this night as O-Crew couldn’t get the bats rolling in the seventh and fell short for the third game in a row. With all the smiles and laughter in the air you wouldn’t k now who was winning or losing as O-Crew has set the example for the rest of the league to live up to. As tradition for O-Crew tonight’s game balls go to Jeff Muter for collecting three hits and playing a solid short, and the women’s ball goes to Beany for a solid effort at first and at the plate. • More O_CREW Headlines
• Johnson receives call from Hargrove
• E Expected to be back next week
• Oliver’s will be lost due to Country Burger this week
• Tracy Muter still searching for opportunity to swing one handed

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