Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Fourth of July Part one

Ok here is the first part of our day. I will post the second part once it has happened...

First off, we started our day with pancakes for breakfast (thanks Dave). We did some cleaning and even feed our new friend, Squirrel.

We gave him lots of peanuts and watch him burry them around our porch for winter.

Then off to my mom's for the day. So far we have:
Wash the cars (No photos).

Laid around

It's suppose to be in the 80's today, I know, those of you who live else where thinks that's cool, but let me tell you. I was born and raised in this beatiful city and 80 means two things, 1- WHEN WILL IT END... I am dying of heat.... 10 fans is not nearly enough... and 2- cranky boys... I don't think I really need to eloborate on this, but just know that My dad right on down to Josiah get cranky in the heat. It's no fun. I can't wait for winter!

Josiah & David are hanging out in my mom's basement playing pool.

Josiah is getting pretty good, and everytime one goes in he runs to the other side to watch it fall down into the holding area.

So far the day has been a fun one. DJ, Ali & Gabe are on their way over so I will have a LOT more photos to post later on.

Enjoy your fourth! (And by the way... if you are reading this on the fourth thinking- I can't believe she is crazy enough to be online posting pictures, just remember you are also online reading them :-). Plus I'm sitting in front of a fan.

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caceres family said...

I am so with you on this heat! UGH!!!!