Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A little bit about me (Cori)

If you had asked me 5 years ago what kind of books I read I probably would have laughted in your face, I don't like to read, at all. But then Alex was also learning to read and we were doing everything we could to bribe him to read, it was one of my regrets in life that I never found the enjoyment of a good book and I didn't want him to grow up with the same regret. At the same time Harry Potter was becoming more and more popular and he wanted to go see the movie. So, of course, like any good parent who is trying to get their son to read I told him he couldn't see the movie until he read the book. Well that was an "Uh-Oh" cause we really didn't know much about the book and how it fit in to our beliefs (which it really doesn't). So I picked up the book to read it before I would allow him too and I instantly fell in love.
After my Harry Potter addiction I needed more, I wanted more books that had mystery and a character I could fall in love with. First there was Sue Grafton, then Janet Evanovich and now JA Jance... I am additced to one of her characters (Beamount) he is based out of Seattle and I love reading all the things he does cause I can picture everything.
So why am I telling you all this? Because in "Cori's reading world" this has been a GOOD week! first I got my 7th and final harry potter book and read the entire thing and was still very pleased with the ending even though I had my doubts. And today JA Jance released another Beamount book... I even ran down to the mystery book store in down town to meet her and get my book signed!

So this may not be a big deal, but while I am in the middle of a hectic week (see lame-o post below for those details) I have the entertainment of some good books.

Enjoy your week. There will be no new post for the next few days while I am recovering from surgery.

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kimi said...

man I can't believe she sucked. I love those stinking books and I'm not a reader either. thanks for getting me hooked! glad you had fun!