Friday, July 27, 2007

Quick Update

So I had surgery on Wednesday. The details I got were what the doctor told me mom...
When they opened up the ankle it was much worse than anticapated and they did a lot of cleaning out as well. He also did some other stuff that i can't remember right now due to my drug induced faze. He was also impressed that I was still mobile on the ankle as bad as it looked. and because of all this surgery was longer than expected.
that last part I could care less about.... it was the best nap I have had in a LONG time.
yesterday wasn't bad. They gave me a nerve block for the surgery so it wasn't until late last night that I finally started to really feel the pain.
I opted to stay home one more day since th pain is so much, that I am still feel loopy from the drugs.
Just an FYI- it's nice to know how much people care, but I really need some sleep, so no calls please, at least not until after 3:00.
Thanks for your prayers and kind words :-)

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jgf said...

Take care of yourself. Make the kids get anything you need. I am including David with the "kids."