Thursday, August 23, 2007

Keeping Busy

Ok, first let me give you a little background. The last two weeks have been complete CHOAS at work, by the time I get home my mind is so fried I can't even function. So last week when I found out about our Softball party I didn't even put two and two together that I had other plans that night... and to be honest, I didn't even put the two together until 10:00 last night when I saw I missed a call from Kim and my mouth hit the floor. I stood them all up, what a huge DORK I am. But in all honesty, I needed the break and being social would not have done that for me, so the other thing was a lot more fun and just what I needed (I feel TERRIBLE for not showing up to the party... sooooo sorry Kim!). I guess it just goes to show you that I really am a space case most of the time (Remember my hair is colored red, when I was a kid it was blonde).

So now onto the relaxing a FUN night we had. My mom and I both won tickets to the Everett Aquasox minor league team last night, so off we went. First, if you have ever been to a game you know to fill out all the contest stuff cause they do something inbetween every inning. So I grabbed all the forms, sat down & filled them out for all six of us.

Well right after the game started we here: "David Lewis & Doug Branley please report to the Comcast information booth"... Uh-oh... I'm in a LOT of trouble. Their eyes got HUGE... we didn't know what game they would be playing. My mom and I sat in our seats and laughed... what if it was the grocery cart game, where they raced carts around the basis... what if it was the trike race... uh oh... they are going to kill me.
Lucky for me it was the remote control car, which made me excited, the prize was $100.00 and my dad, who can't even work his TV, was going against David, which means David was a shoe in to win!

And their off, David takes an early leave, Doug... he can't get the car going... David's car hit's first base in no time, but not before trying to run over the right fielder... Doug can't get the car to get past second, it's stuck, or is it the operator, probably both. David rounds first and heads back and has a close collision with Doug, Doug still struggling to get past second, oh the Staff member has taken the remote control over and is returning Doug's car to the starting line...David wins by a LANDSLIDE.
It was a lot of fun.
We were also in the wheelchair seating and we got to enjoy Webby the Aquasox mascot for a bit.

Ok so later that night we here "Betty Branley, please report to the comcast booth" I am NOT kidding, I thought she was going to FREAK out. She won the prize from the WA Lotto. So she got a gift pack. It was a lot of fun. here are some random photos of the rest of the night.

Family Photo...

We all got clown noses when we left the park... David & Josiah were the only one's daring enough to get infront of the camera *insert evil laugh here*

overall it was a well needed family time. we had a great time and I need to remember the AuqaSox next year for some affordable family fun.


Kimberly said...

OMG!!! I would of paid a million bucks to see the look on Dad's face when his name was called!!!!!

kimi said...

I can't believe how cool that is! I'm going tonight and I will be RUNNING in to get sign up sheets!