Monday, August 13, 2007

Another fun filled weekend!

We had another great weekend in the Lewis household. On Saturday I spent the afternoon with Kim shopping for dresses and David took his final physical test with PUD (Public Utilities District- he's trying to get into the lineman apprentance program).
Then on Sunday we had our company picnic at the zoo. It was a lot of fun, but with me not walking and on my little scooter we only got to wander a little before my knee was screaming at me...

Me, Alex & Josiah being Catepilars...

Josiah & I

Getting pics of the boys is getting harder and harder, here are some of Josiah, he is more than willing to pose for a few photos... and trust me I didn't direct him.

Which one is the monkey?

And the highlight of my weekend...
Alex came home from Grandma Billies!!! Although he left this morning for his annual camping trip with his dad... Yes... he needs a haircut.

Overall it was fun but tiring. I am looking foward to this weekend when all we have to look foward to is a softball tournament... oh boy I can't wait for a nap :-).

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