Monday, August 06, 2007

The Good thing about having boys....

Some of you may have heard me say this before, but I will say it again. Having two boys is so wonderful. There are so many perks. No boy bands, one pair of shoes at a time, no accessories, no barbie shoes to step on in the middle of the night, No weddings to pay for- only dinners.... I could go on and on.
The down side? I don't get to do girly stuff like shoe shopping, dress shopping, playing with barbies, taking a princess to Disneyland and going to libby lu. So thanks to my best friend Kim and her boyfriend Keith they have let me join in on the fun of all the great things they do with his daughter Mikayla. She turned 6 this weekend and I got invited to the birthay party at Libby Lu... I was so excited. Those that are new to the blog she is the one I also got to dress up in a Cinderella gown & spend the whole day in Disneyland with a real princess.
So we went to the mall a little early and took Mikayla (She spent a couple of hours with us before the party) and Josiah to build a bear...

Then my parents took Josiah to Underdog while we went to Libby Lu for everyone's Hannah Montana Makeovers. Here is just a couple of photos... If you want more I am sure Kim's blog will have more.
All the girls got to dress up, get lip gloss, eye shadow & their nails painted as well as a Hannah Montana wig & microphone. Then they turn on Hannah Montana music really loud and the girls take turn walking the runway and lip syncing to the tune.
Here is Mikayla:

It was a LOT of fun. She is really a great kid! Overall Boys are a lot more fun and easier to raise (until the puberty part, than I think it's a wash). But It's great to have a little girl I can borrow for just a few hours and enjoy all the girly things we get to do. Boys just really don't care unless it has to do with dirt or bugs :-).

And by the way, we spent the whole weekend spotting the Good Year Blimp. Since we live next to Pain Field it was not hard to spot.

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kimi said...

BUT... you get to play with barbies and do hair! fo sho! and girly craft projects and listen to hannah montana and the jonas brothers. oh yeah, we're all girl at my house.