Monday, August 06, 2007

This last weekend.

This last weekend was a BUSY one for us. Friday I took the day off, mainly to fight my ticket. For those who have been on the edge of you seat waiting to hear what happened. I instantly jumped at the chance for a defferment- that means as long as I don't get another ticket for one year it stays off my record.
On saturday we spent the whole day running errands. I was wiped out by the time the day was done. We hit three malls in ONE day! that's is a lot for us.
We went to the Army Surplus store and Josiah ran up to the statue of the army guy out side and yelled "Mom take my picture", David responded "Josiah, mommy doesn't have her camera". My mouth dropped... I ALWAYS have my camera.

Saturday night my dad's company (Community Transit) had their annual company picnic at the Aqua Sox game so Josiah & I tagged along since David was going to be "hanging out with the guys" that night.

Josiah got a spider web painted on his face at the picnic...

It ended up turning very cold at night. We curled up in blankets for most of the game. Hard to believe that it is August.

We sat in the wheel chair seating at the game and they are by far the best seats in the house. We were right next to the opening of the opposing teams dug out and feet from first base. We spent the evening keeping Josiah busy and at the end of the game one of the opposing team game out of the dugout and handed Josiah a bat. Josiah was so happy. Don't worry- we will be hanging on his wall, it will not be a toy :-).

We had a great time and the fireworks were fabulous! I can't wait to go back. Only going without a five year old might be a lot more fun. I didn't get to see much of the game, I was too busy keeping Josiah busy and my poor dad had to make so many trips to the potty :-).

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