Friday, November 09, 2007

10 things you may not have know about Cori and David

Since the blog has been so quiet I thought I would do something fun. Here are 10 things you may not know about us and if your faithful readers this may not be stuff that’s new to you… I tried REALLY hard to come up with some new stuff.

1. Cori & David bowl on a bowling league. Yes, people still league bowl and it’s actually fun!

2. Cori is a HUGE Seahawks fan and David is a HUGE football fan. So when it’s time for Seahawk home games David would rather stay home and watch ALL the NFL games while Cori would rather be there cheering her team on

3. Cori’s favorite weather: Lots of wind & rain… just not enough to lose power. David- nothing too hot

4. Cori LOVES country music and Bryan Adams. David is into HARD rock. When we are together in the car we settle for the Christian radio station- most of the time.

5. Cori has only been in 4 states (WA, OR, CA, NV) and David has been in too many to count

6. Cori lived in the same house until she got married. David moved 19 times in 18 years.

7. Cori played the flute for 7 years. David played football & wrestled in high school

8. Cori had a cat she once bathed in Motor Oil… the cat lived

9. Cori got a trophy from the hospital when she was born

10. Cori is a HUGE KLUTZ. Now you may think I’m kidding but I’m not. Almost daily I could give examples, for instance, today I went to sit down at my desk and got my foot angled on my foot rest wrong and bent my ankle way too far. I had to cover my mouth, I’m not sure if it was to keep from screaming or to keep me from yelling a bad word. Now I’m limping again. Ahh the joys of my life. I wouldn’t have the ankle problem if it wasn’t for my klutziness.

I tried to keep this about David & me, but towards the end I got desperate for some stuff.


Kimberly said...

1.bowling league.. wow you are getting old..

2.GO HAWKS!!!!
3. Send some rain to NC, we need it badly!!

4. All music has it greatness and BADness...

5. NC is nice... when you coming for a visit??

6. and the house survived!!! I am amazed it is still standing :-)

7. yes and she was GREAT... you should have kept that up!!

8. Poor cat!!! now we all know why she has no pets !!

9. yes she did... even though she messed up my 10th birthday party!!!!

10. OH My!!! if they only knew how BIG!!!! I am surprized she doesn't wrap herself in bubble wrap each morning.

Love and Miss you Sis..

jgf said...

Watching the Hawks as I type...

Lived in the same house until you got married?! That is a foreign concept to David's side of the family...