Sunday, November 18, 2007

Learning to tie shoes

Last week Josiah hit a milestone. He is in a size shoe that doesn't commonly come with velcro. So we bought shoes with laces and he is slowing learning to tie them. Here are some photos of us practicing. He has picked it up really fast and I know he will be able to tie his shoes on his own very soon!

Josiah took this photo of the finished product.

By the way, Josiah lost another tooth on Sunday! This time we were able to find it so the tooth fairy will come tonight!

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kimi said...

Keith used him as an example of BIG BOY BEHAVIOR! for this one. Mikayla was complaining about undoing and redoing her shoe and he whipped out that JOSIAH was tying his shoes. I didn't even know he read your blog! thought youd love that.