Sunday, November 25, 2007


This year for Thanksgiving we went over to my parents house...
Josiah enjoying his gameboy while we watched football.

Papa gave Josiah some pointers on playing pool. This was a lot of fun to see my dad passing on something to my boys.

Then me and my dad played a game, even playing left handed my dad stil beat me. So I thought I would take Alex on for a possible easy win, but my dad opted to gang up on my and give Alex some tips on pool. I was shocked to see Alex shoot some really good shots, shots that I don't think I could even make.

So after everyone ganged up on me and I lost three games, it was time to give up. Alex & Josiah played a friendly game with Papa continuing to show both boys how to play.

Josiah after watching Alex sink two balls

David carved the turkey.

It was a great day, full of football & family. And yes that's a Christmas tree behind Josiah. my mom started to decorate that morning.

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