Sunday, November 18, 2007


As I have said before, David & I bowl every other week on a league. We have a LOT of fun and luckily for me my team doesn't mind how terrible I am. I am not kidding I am DREDFUL, you would think that with the Branley side of the family having a natural talent for bowling that I would have some, but no, that gene missed me. My average as of Saturday was 89 (for those non-bowlers, most people average 145 or above). But this week was amazing! I was so proud of myself! For the first time ever I got a Turkey (Three strikes in a row) and I got my best game ever- a 164. So I took a photo, I'm "CL".

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kimi said...

And Dave is DL....Dave got beat by a girl, oh wait make that two girls. Sorry Dave had to say it. Love ya, Keith