Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Time for me to brag about me

Ok, I am SOOO excited. This whole blog thing started in November of 2005 when David's Aunt Juanita started a family blog (See Lanny's loonies link). Well I started to feel like I was bragging to much about my kids, so in mid December of that year I started my own. Then one by one my friends picked up on this little habbit. Today I am so excited that the Jordan's have jumped on the band wagon as well. I LOVE reading what is going on in everyone's life and it has become a habbit for me every morning to run through all my blog links to see what new posts are out and I get so excited to see them.
Thanks everyone for picking up this dreadful habbit & running with it!!!

And the best part of all, as soon as I get my camera out I get all three boys ask if it's going to be on the blog. LOL. Sometimes they aren't all that happy about it. Alex now thinks he has to approve what goes up.

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