Thursday, November 29, 2007

Reflections of the year

This time of year I always reflect back on the different times of the year. So I thought today I would pick my favorite post for each month on the blog for you to enjoy. I only took one photo and some of the story. For the full post check out the links on the side, they are organized by month!


Go Seahawks!!!

If you don't already know David was given the gift of Seahawks tickets last year, and one of the benefits to these tickets are Playoff games... Well last night we got enjoy the Wild Card game against the Cowboys... It was cold... it was loud... it was stressful... and it was a BLAST! I LOVE football!! We enjoyed the game with another couple from our Sunday School class/bible study, Ben and Cassandra.


Here is the picture that is worth a THOUSAND words... Mikayla's first look at the castle in Disneyland.


Well Alex started playing baseball on the 17th of this month. As you read earlier, he had his first homerun that day. On friday night I sat in the POURING down rain for two hours and enjoyed him playing again. Now being a true Seattlite- I don't own an umbrella so I was SOAKED to the bone. But I got a few pictures.

This was one of the photo's I wanted to recreate, I didn't happen perfectly but at least I got it.

This was in 2004 when we went

And here is last week

And this one, just cause it is better lighting


Memorial Day
Me and the boys being eaten by a shark...

Proud Auntie Cori finally pulled the baby away from the proud mommy... just let me hold him for one second (*insert evil laugh here*).

July was a busy month for us!!

Ok, ok, he's only 12 so what is he doing behind the wheel? We washed our van at my mom's house and then washed my mom's car, so during the car shuffle in the driveway I let Alex pull the van back in. I was freaking out the WHOLE time, but he was beaming from ear to ear. Sure it was only 10 feet and a corner, but he loved it.

Cori turned 30!!

And here is a re-cap of the game from our coach. To see more about this fancy propsal go to Kim's blog (Link on the right).


Family Photo...

We all got clown noses when we left the park... David & Josiah were the only one's daring enough to get infront of the camera *insert evil laugh here*

(This was a hard one, I want to say the Bryan Adams concert or the Building move at work, but this has to be the most exciting day of the month for us)...
Well, it's a little late, but I wanted to share our first day of school. For those new to the blog you will know that every year, on the first day of school, I take the boys picture by the front door.
Alex started 7th grade (I KNOW!!! I'm just as shocked as you are)!

And Josiah started Kindergarten, I can't believe it either. We had a great first day. So far they both are handling the transition into school really well

So two months ago I thought it would be fun to have a weekend getaway. David had been taken care of me for 6 weeks while I was on my wheely scooter and we had enough airline miles saved up... so I told him to pick... Well he didn't think to hard and choose Disneyland, not cause he likes it but because he knew I would love it. I couldn't argue that point :-). We planned the weekend around the same time that some friends of ours was going.
here are some photos and fun stories...

(Just for the record, I did not put all the trips to Disneyland on my highlight this year, just the ones that stood out hehehe).


What an exciting first.... Josiah lost his first tooth today. It has been loose for a few days now and at some point today it fell out. The bad news... he doesn't know where it is, but that's ok, we are going to make a cut out tooth for him to put out for the tooth fairy- I would hate to see him miss out on the tooth fairy just cause his tooth fell out at school and was never found.

And December hasn't officially started so stay tuned. We have a LOT of happenings going on this month, including, Josiah's first Angel Breakfast at church, Kim's wedding and other family fun events!!! I hope you enjoyed looking back over our year as much as I did!

I think I may have to look into getting a website after all this so I can really go high tech on all you!!

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He's going to LOVE angel breakfast! love the recap! where the heck was family camp!