Thursday, November 01, 2007


For the first time we decided to go away from the normal Halloween tradition of trick or treating in my parents neighborhood. This for me was a tough decision, especially since I have spent every halloween for 30 years trick or treating at those houses. But frankly, it's COLD out there and I don't think I could have handled another walk down memory lane while freezing my tale off.
So we ventured to "Trunk or Treat" our annual church Halloween event. This year I volunteered to work the coffee stand (so I would have an excuse to stay inside in the warmth). So I gave David the camera and off he went.

When we first arrived to set up we ran into our friends the Santori's and their son Christian, who was dressed as Yoda. It was great to see Darth Vader (Josiah) and Yoda having it out...

The fought for a long time... at least until Darth's sword broke...

And our friends Samuel & Micah also joined in with the Star Wars theme.

Darth Vader & his Storm Troopers were all over the church last night. It's interesting to think about how those movies are 30 years old and kids still LOVE them.... and yes.... I still haven't taken the time to actually watch them and I have no desire to do so.

Alex & I stayed behind the espresso stand the whole night. I should have asked David to get a picture, maybe next time. I think I work this Sunday, so maybe I will grab Alex & we can recreate the night :-).

Have a great day!!

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kimi said...

he was sure in his element last night! WHAT a great night! I owe you 5$ by the way ;)