Sunday, April 27, 2008

After Alex's game came Josiah's game. That's right we went from one game staright to another. This was Josiah's first game as a baseball player and boy was it highly amusing. Here are lots of photos and video of Josiah up to bat. Just to clarify, the kids can have three pitches then after that they can hit off a tee. All kids can only advance one base and most everyone gets to bat each of the four innings. It was a two hour game and worth every minute of it. Warming Up: Game Time! Josiah started in the short stop position. In the second inning Josiah was put in Left Field. He instantly took to the weeds. Hanging out in the dugout. At bat: We will call this next set of photos Running the bases- but you could call them, looking under the bases. And for the last two innings Josiah was the catcher and he did a great job. And finally a batting video. Sorry about the bouncing around- once he made his first hit I jumped and cheered :-).

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kimi said...

Oh my heck that is the cutest thing ever. I want the picture of him in the catchers gear for my fridge!