Monday, April 07, 2008

My weekend

No pictures from this weekend but here is the run down...

The fun started on Thursday:
We were invited to the Tollefson's for dinner. We had such a great time. Josiah proclaimed that he had "too much fun". We went home all tuckered out. It was such a GREAT time!!
David went to Softball, since the game was rained out he hung out with the guys for a while. Josiah and I read a chapter book and then went to sleep.
Shopping trip ti Ikea- so much fun!!! Nap time, Alex's game, bowling time, bed time
Church, putting together Alex's new bed, nap time, and our 3 for 3. Which is were we get together with 3 couples for three months. So we had dinner at the Kochers. Josiah finally warmed up to their dog and didn't want to go.

Another great weekend. I am looking forward to another week full of baseball, AWANA and rest!! Enjoy your Monday!

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