Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Alderwood Manor Community Church

A couple of months ago I felt the need to teach my Cubbies about sharing God's love in unique ways. How can they, at age 3 & 4, show God's love to people? Suddenly my brother in laws circumstance came into my mind. He is in Iraq, somewhere, he can't tell us where. He has told us that he's stuck where he is and the only time he gets out is to go to the airport to come home. So I put the two together and thought it would be fun for our kids to provide some toothpaste and other essentials for Nathan and his group of guys, in hopes of using this as a ministry to share God's love in the unique way.

Well, our AWANA commanders got wind of this and suggested that the whole program get behind it. I was so excited. The other club Director's jumped on board and we created a list and encouraged our clubs to help support our troops.

So on Sunday David hauled all the stuff into our living room so I could sort through it. I was OVERWHELMED at they way God worked through this drive. I was speechless (I know most of you can't believe that, but I was). God laid it on my heart that we should share this amazing gift with another solider and sure enough at church our Commander's wife mentioned that another director had suggested another solider to receive some of these items. So we sorted into two piles to make it "even"

Here is a photo before the sort, it was really amazing and to think there are two boxes out of the picture and the floor behind the coffee table is also covered in stuff.

Once again Alderwood has made a difference in someone's life. It is so cool to be a part of something so amazing. I know I am in the right place. It's an amazing place to be.
Now it's on to the loose change drive, my favorite part of the year!!!!! David has volunteered to take a pie in the face for anyone of our friends that is willing to pay for it. I said $25.00 a pie, but he didn't like the idea of more than one, so I guess it goes to the highest bidder. The money goes to our AWANA club in Ghana. I take a pie for the cubbies anyways, so I guess we will be pie buddies. I will try and get a few pictures of past pies.

PS- no need to post comments on the name of the church, I know they like ACC, but it will always be AMCC in my world. but feel free to post other comments I LOVE reading them!!!!!!!!!


kimi said...

Our Chums sure had fun! I think the leaders went CRAZY!

and it will always be AMCC to me too. it's the chant on the awana olympics floor, A M C C A M C C. good times.

jgf said...

Very cool! I have had a box of stuff for Nathan sitting here for a long time now that I just haven't gotten sent. This should get my rear in gear...