Monday, April 21, 2008

Quilting Update!

Ok, so i took one of two quilting classes last Thursday. This was the first time I had ever taken a class, other than the church's quilting retreat. I was one of a few people that had ever quilted before. So once the teacher told us what I do I went to town, laying out my quilt, figuring out what I wanted and even sewing. So after two hours of sewing I was almost done.
So I came home and spent Saturday finishing the quilt up. Once it was done I was totally bummed. This is not my kind of quilt. It is VERY busy and loud. I went to the fabic store because the idea of bordering in the way I am suppose to (with scraps leftover from the quilt) made me not like the quilt even more. So I spent a LONG time wandering the quilt shop stressed out at what in the world would CALM this quilt down.

Bottom line, it isn't as bad as I thought it would be. I am still going to use it to practice my machine quilting and it will probably be tossed in the trunk of the car for a baseball blanket.

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jgf said...

True,it is really bright. But there is something kind of happy about it. And, with all of our rain, bright can be very good!