Monday, April 21, 2008

A Disney loss

This has nothing do to with my family or my life. But last week the last of the nine old men passed away. For those of you who don't know the "nine old men" were the original & BEST animators at the Disney Studio. Here is a video I found on You tube- three of them go together. This Disney Company put together an amazing tribute to him, but it is on the internal website so I can't share it.

If I had known he lived up here in Sequim I would have made the drive and snuck into his room at the nursing home just for a few minutes with him to find out how it was to work for this AMAZING company during the time that it was begining and ask him so many questions about Walt and the other animators, including Ub.

So another legend from a unique time in life has passed on. Hopefully his stories have been documented in ways that will be shared with us all.

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Kimberly said...

Well I would have been sneeking in that room with you!!!

I was very sad to read that he had passed, when a coworker asked why I was sad and I explain who had died, they sad "oh ok, no biggie"

They just don't get!!! I guess only those of us that love Walt Disney for who he was,for his dreams, and for letring live in those dreams with with him and those that love Disney for the magic they still today produce will understand.

I find it very sad and I actually feel sorry for people for just don't get it. I keep hoping that someone will sprinkle a bit of Pixie Dust on them! :-)

I enjoyed the videos, maybe you could suggest that they post the internal one on the page for those that are not lucky enough to work in your office.