Wednesday, April 16, 2008

More on the care packages to Nathan

A couple of weeks ago I posted the photos of all the great stuff we collected for Nathan... well an update on that. Click here if you didn't read it

Last friday David had all 7 boxes packed on his hand truck and I was contemplating how I was going to get them to the post office, which is in the basement of the building next door. As I was getting ready to go Kim called me and said she was stuck in Pioneer Square with an hour to waste, BINGO God threw me a volunteer or a sucker- however you want to put it. She happily hauled her tail up to my office and helped me push the 250lb hand truck out the loading dock and ½ way DOWN one of Seattle’s finest hills (thank goodness for team work!). Then we headed up a block and into the post office.

As we pulled into this small, hardly used, secret post office, the charming lady behind the counter gave us a BIG smile and a little chuckle and explained to us that there is a flat rate Military box and we would save a TON of money by using those. I took a deep breath and with Kim’s encouragement we got to work. Building boxes, unpacking boxes & repacking boxes. Oh the fun!! Thankfully Kim had her camera, cause what is a story like this without being able to blog it?

Please note: Kim just posted this on her blog as well! Check it out for her "side of the story", by clicking here. And as Kim put it "It's always an adventure when you call Cori"

David came in 1/2 way through to help out since Kim had to head out.

After all 20 boxes were filled David went back to work and I sat and filled out customs forms and mailing labels that the post office provided. It was a ton of fun and COMPLETELY worth it. We sent 10 boxes off to Nathan & 10 boxes to another solider serving in another area.

A funny insight to all of this: While I was making such a huge mess in the post office we got some interesting looks, but it wasn't until I was taking up so much time at the window to pay for it all did people start to gripe and I mean really gripe. Have you ever heard those people who are mumbling under their breathe just loud enough to be heard, well I had a few. But as soon as someone noticed that the box said it was a care package for the troops their tunes changed and they had a TON of questions. I even spent time talking to the clerk in the post office about what our church had done. So not only did our kids gets to show Christ love to our soliders but it gave me an opportunity in the Post Office to show it as well. What an AMAZING gift!

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kimi said...

you actually have me tearing up here! I'm so glad you had a chance to share! We did get some snotty glares I felt like we should be able to put a big sign that said, this group sending stuff to Iraq, wanna help? or something like that. made me think of all the times I've been in a big rush when I've most likely been pretty rude, interesting to be on the opposite end.

I want to share with our kids so much about being a cheerful giver and how wonderful I felt even doing the TINY part I did, you guys busted your tails and I'm SO proud of you!