Thursday, December 06, 2007

Great news!!!!!!

Some of you may know the background on this story, but for those that I don't, let me share. First off, I am not a pet lover... I love other people's pets but at this point in my life I do not want ANY pets in my house. So two years ago for Josiah's birthday my mom got him a fish tank, so off we went to the pet store. We bought him two eight cent feeder fishes. The lady at the pet store did not want us to buy those fish because they would die in a couple of weeks- which was FINE WITH ME. I figured in two weeks he would be over the fish.

Well, it took two months for the first one to die and two years later I have been waiting and waiting for the second one to die. I haven't treated it with the best respect, I am sure someone was feeding him behind my back (I know it's cruel, but I don't do pets... I have a hard enough time keeping up my kids & house).

Well finally... it Died!!! I throw myself a little party and tonight I will be cheering the fish bowl all the way to the dumpster... I am SOOOO happy that thing is FINALLY gone.

(I apologize if this post was offensive to anyone, and a fish was harmed in the making of this family story).

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SKKD Lambing said...

Condolences first, then Congratulations. :-) Your awesome Cori.! Thanks for the smile!