Monday, December 10, 2007

A weekend to remember Part 2

On Sunday, David & I signed up to walk the 5k Jingle Bell walk/run for arthritis. we joined Sadie's Stars team. Sadie Jordan from church is one of the girls we went to Disneyland with and she struggles with RA. I am so encouraged by her positive spirit that when this came up I wanted to do this for her. We became and "official" member when we received our matching scarfs for the team.

As we started the race it started to snow just little bit. It was so much fun. After the 5k walk David & I headed down to the game.

Josh Brown fratenizing with the enemy.

Kurt Warner (AZ QB) looking at the camera! Say cheese!
And for all those football fans...

The NFL replay booth... this is were good and bad stuff happen.

It was such and exhausting weekend. Looking back I don't think I would ever plan so much in two days again. But I did have a great time and I am so glad I have these memories!

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