Monday, December 17, 2007

Another fun filled weekend

So we will start with Friday...
Friday night David and I enjoyed our work holiday party. It was held at Safeco field (where the Mariner's play) and they even had the batting cages open for us. Here is David swing for the fences.

I also took a few swings. I didn't do too badly. I hit 3 out of 10, so for someone who has never swung at a fast pitch ball I was pretty happy.
After that they tried to get the dance floor hopping... I'm not a dancer, but David is.

I refused to dance because I have no rythym and I saw the coworkers get their camera's out. So David enjoyed dancing with everyone else...

On Saturday Alex went to Leavenworth for his annual trip with my parents. We didn't go this year because of other commitments we had made on the same day.

Josiah & I went to the Angel Breakfast at church, where we met up with Cassandra & Nathan. To my surprise Josiah really liked the breakfast and crafts

On Saturday night our Sunday School class had their Christmas party and it was a blast, as usual.
On Sunday my brother, his wife & my nephew Gabe showed up for a little while. We had a good time playing with Gabe and seeing his personality shine through! Babies are so much fun!


kimi said...

What a great weekend! I would have killed to watch Dave dancing. with no alcohol in his system. good times.

I LOVE ANGEL BREAKFAST! it is the coolest thing EVER!

Susan S. said...

Hey Cori! Just wanted to let you know that I checked out your blog. Love it! It was fun chatting with you last night!