Monday, March 31, 2008


I can't believe I am a week behind in my blog!!!! Oh well, I guess that means there will always be something to post.
I'm not sure how many noticed, but the blog address has changed. I am slowly turning this into an amazing website, so look for fun changes in the coming weeks.

So back to Easter....

The Saturday before Easter we were invited to the Caceres' house for their annual Easter Egg hunt. It was soooo amazing! here are some photos of all the fun!

Here are all the kids lined up, after the dads hid the eggs:

Josiah waiting for the directions & the rules.

All the parents lined up taking photos while Michael begins to explain the rules.

Michael is explaining the special eggs that were hidden. They had a special prize- which we will get into later.

Katrina and her mom enjoying the moment.

I really don't know how they got all those kids to stand there for so long! But they were dismissed by age and off they went.

Josiah and I went around the yard looking for eggs. Each kid had 10 eggs to find, plus a bag of goodies and various candy and blank eggs, including the gold, silver & camo eggs with special prizes.

Someone thought it would be funny to hide Josiah's stuff up high. We had a fun time trying to find them, and he had to come up with ways of getting them down. In this photo he is getting ready to stand on a tree stump next to the tree, but I decided to help him out. We really had a great time wandering the yard.

I caught David with sweet little Dakota Lambing in his arms. He took her around to find all her eggs so Shane & Kristi could help their other two kids. For those that know David, know that he doesn't like to hold other people's kids, so I was shocked and so impressed when I looked over and saw that he had done this... what a great guy I have.

Josiah got done and we decided to walk the yard one more time for a prize egg. Josiah spotted something shiney from across the yard, he ran to it and sure enough it was a golden egg.

The prize was $5.00, which to Josiah meant the world to him. He has been saving his own money for a new webkin, but I will get to that story later.

Here is a photo of all the kids that participated in the hunt.

And then this picture just because I looked over and found this so amusing.... Josiah was watching Micah draw on the ground with chalk, but the funny part is the bubble stick in his hands (his prize for the day)and a half eaten chocolate bunny.

Sunday morning I did something I haven't done in years.... I went to service. Usually I am serving somewhere in church, but today I took my boys and got to enjoy service with them. It was so great to be surrounded by the most important people in my life and rejoice that Jesus died on the cross for our sins & on the third day rose again! what an amazing gift He has given us!!!!!!!!!!

Alex after church on Easter Sunday:

and Josiah:

I hope you all had a great Easter as well!!!
Thanks for stopping by!

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