Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Quilting Update

This weekend was the church quilting retreat. I was trying to keep it easy, but low & behold, it didn't work :-).
Here is the update on the crown royal quilt:

I need to get a few of the squares fixed, once that is done I can start sewing the rows together. I hope to get it going and finished in he next week or so.

Also, this last weekend we had other things going on.... so here are the details.
On Friday, Josiah & Alex had a dentist appointment. This was Josiah's first trip to the dentist and he giggled the ENTIRE time. the hygentist said it completely made her day that he was so giggly and easy to work with.

Both boys got a semi-clean bill of health. Both have one "surface" cavity so we are going in to get those fixed soon.

Then after the quilting retreat I was lucky enough to join a group of women from our Sunday School class to paint some pottery, a secret love of mine that I wish I could do a LOT more often. I didn't get many photos cause Katrina is wonderful taking a ton of photos with her camera, so I just got mine out long enough to get a picture of her and Theresa enjoying their first trip to the pottery place. I will post a photo of my plate when I pick it up on Wednesday.

Then on Sunday the Jordan's invited us over for lunch. I got my camera out when the kids were playing. It was a blast to watch them enjoy each others company and get to know the Jordan's a little more. I can't wait to spend more time with them.

Syrah, Sadie, and Josiah playing:

Alex just hanging out

And this final photo sums up the whole FUN weekend:

This was taken Saturday night, I caught up with David and Josiah at Boston's after painting pottery and it wasn't long before Josiah curled up on my lap and konked out- too funny since Josiah wouldn't even wake back up for his ice cream.

It was a GREAT weekend!! I need some rest now, but I had such a great time that I would do it all over again!


Jennifer @ J & J Acres said...

Looks like you had a fun weekend! I'd love to try my hand at pottery one of these days!

jgf said...

Sounds like fun. To think--all I did was take care of residents and read a book.