Sunday, March 02, 2008

Keely's Wedding

On Friday I was lucky enough to stand up with a good friend of mine while she got married. During photo time, her 7 year old daughter had my camera, so the angle is a little off, but enjoy...
Here is Keely with another one of her bridesmaids.

In order to save some money Keely got her flowers through a wholesaler and her mom did all the center pieces and I did the bouquets. I have NEVER done bouquets in my life, but I think they turned out all right.
Bride's bouqet:

Throwing bouqet:

and you can see the bridesmaid's bouqet in the photo's above. I also helped out with Keely's make up and the other bridesmaids make up (Neither one of them are girly girls and neither one was comfortable doing make up). I also did Arianna's hair (keely's daughter).

And then there was the reception. It was probably one of the funest weddings & receptions I have been too. The wedding, was a minor roast on the groom. The priest went to high school with both Keely & Paul so there were some GREAT stories and the reception had dancing. So of course, not knowing anyone there other than Keely I danced the night away (And I paid for it the whole weekend...). Here are some photo's & Stories of what went on- of course of david dancing. David threatening to attack the cake before the bride & groom arrived.

Keely's aunt was getting a little fresh with David, but then again he was in a three piece suit and was incredibly hot, so who could blame her? I did have to reclaim him though.
Saturday night fever anyone? I was very excited about the cake. Keely hired Mike from "Mike's amazing Cakes" to do her wedding cake. Now for those of you who watch the food network know that Mike is a good friend to Duff Goldman. So even though I didn't get to meet Mike it was so cool to taste a cake and see a cake that is in the same league as Duff Goldman. I hope this video uploads.... I know you all have to turn your head to the side, but it's for Theresa- it's David dancing to Ice, Ice, Baby just for you :-).

Overall it was a GREAT wedding! I had helped Keely for months with ideas and money/time saving "Martha Stewart" hints to have a great wedding on a budget. We had a GREAT time and I can't remember the last night I danced the night away. Which leads to this last story: Keely's request to the DJ was to play all the bad wedding songs. So we danced to The Chicken Dance, The Electric Slide (Which BTW, David had never heard of... WHAT???? I was the QUEEN of the electric slide in high school), The time warp, YMCA and MANY, MANY others). It was a BLAST.


katrina said...

LOVE the video of David dancing!! :-) and you both looked great! Glad to hear you had so much fun.

The Jordan Family said...

Wow!!! David's got moves!!! Love it!! You guys look great - glad you had so much fun! Theresa

jgf said...

Looks like bunches of fun. Just a little disturbing of thinking of David as "hot" though...