Tuesday, March 11, 2008

More Photos

Things have been so busy for us! Sorry for the lack of posts, but today & tomorrow I am home sick because of a bad lupus flair, so I hope to catch up on all my blogging!

Two weeks ago Josiah came down with the flu. On Saturday morning he seemed to be doing MUCH better. David had to go into work for an hour so I took Josiah back to the Seattle Library to find the "red room" that Kim told us about. And look we found it!!!!

the whole floor is red and we had a good time wandering around. We also found some more fun books to read, including one called "Cori Wants to Play Football" it's about a little girl named "Cori" (Spelled the right way and everythign!) who wants to play football! it was so neat.

here are some photos of us hanging out on the 10th floor enjoying our books & the view.

Oh & did I mention that while Josiah was sick he pulled out his front teeth?

By the time we got home Josiah took another turn for the worse. The library ended up being too much for him and he started to get sick again.

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