Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My Trip to Vancouver!

Wow! I have a LOT to blog in the next couple of days.

So I will start with Thursday. On Thursday morning my mom & I headed up to Vancouver BC for our Bryan Adams concert. We made it up there in 90 minutes and had no trouble at the border. It was pure luck. Even though it isn't that far from home, it is really wierd driving in another country. The signs are different and the speed limits aren't followed and there are not nearly as many road signs as we have in Washington. So we spent the day wondering around downtown going into stores we can't afford to shop in and having a great time. I have never spent time in Vancouver, so it was very intersting. By 3:00 pm we both found a starbucks and crashed in the big comfy chairs and enjoyed people watching. It was right across the street from the church where Bryan was playing and we weren't suppose to line up before 6:30.

Well we jumped in line at 5:30, since this guy had been standing there since 3:00- I wasn't going to risk getting a bad seat. So we hung around the church until 8:30! 3 hours in line- I must be crazy. Here are some more great church pictures. I loved this church and the stain glass windows.

So when they finally escorted my line in we got FRONT ROW!!!!!! Now, my camera does NOT take good photos with out a flash. I need to find a camera that does. Anyone have a digital camera that takes good photos in dark places without a flash??? Let me know!!! So a lot of these are out of focus or jacked up- but you get the point: View from my seat, with no zoom.

For the Encore Keith Scott, Bryan's band mate and also cowriter of some of his best songs, came up on stage.

At the end of the concert he came over the the girls a few down from me.

Then he came to ME! I gave him a sharpie & a cd jacket for his autograph. In the photo you can see my pen lid in his mouth- kinda gross, but so cool all the same. LOL.

He asked me what my name was and I told him. He still didn't spell it right but the question mark made it all ok.

It really was am AMAZING concert!!!!!


jgf said...

I am sooo honored to know you!!!!!!

Caroline said...

I am jealous. I would love to go to a Bryan Adams concert. I keep watching his tour dates, but haven't found any near me yet.