Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Another Story from family camp

I have been saving this story for the pictures. At first it was a little embrassing, now it's rather amusing. So enjoy and have a little laugh at my expense.

On Wednesday morning of family camp Keith mentioned that he was doing the ropes course. I have ALWAYS wanted to do a ropes course so I JUMPED at the chance and it ended up being a big group of us doing it together: Keith, Kim, David, Alex, Cassandra & Becca.

I decided I wanted to go towards the end so I could take my time and not feel like someone was waiting on me. I knew this would takes it toll on my body, but I had a big mouth on the ground telling me I couldn't do it, so I was so stubborn I wanted to prove him wrong.

A family photo moment. We are dressed and ready for an adventure.

Kim and I looking up at the Ropes course... 25 feet in the air.

Kim & I after scaling a 25 foot tree... that's RIGHT we did it, we got to the top. Not an easy task for either of us. Now normally they wouldn't have put two people in the same place but this young girl got stopped ahead of us on the course and couldn't move. So I was stuck there for a good 30 minutes, in the heat, with no water, after the adernaline of climbing the tree.
Kim decided that scaling the tree was more than enough for her and she felt she accomplished enough and decided to zip line out. As I waited for the girl in front of us I contimplated the same thing- but the big mouth on the ground was still talking smack and I was going to prove him wrong (by the way, the girl who got stuck- her name was "Cori" was God trying to tell me that if this young Cori couldn't do it, maybe I should cut my losses and zip line the heck out of there?).

So after our long wait I crossed the wire, 25 feet in the air, it was an interesting challenge and Cassandra was at the other end cheering me on. I made it to the tree and guess what... ANOTHER guy was chickening out and we got stuck. So I balanced on the line for quite some time... in the heat, with no water and after the new adernaline rush of balancing across a wire.

I managed to climb around the tree, but then that was it. My body said no more. One of the guides brought me water, I was contemplating tossing my cookies and the only thing going through my mind was "If I pass out can I will my hands to hang on to the tree?". At some point I said the magic words "I think I am going to pass out" and from what others had said the staff kicked into high gear and got me ready to repel from the tree.

As I stepped of the platform I slammed into it with my thigh and said "that's gonna leave a mark" and it did.

I don't remember hitting the ground, but I did. I was surronded by many people. Someone was smart enough to send Josiah off so he didn't witness it.

As I was laying on the ground the staff asked if we had a doctor in our group and someone offerend to run & get Doc, so I waited for doc.

When I looked up and saw four guys walking towards me with big cases I thought "Where is Doc and boy those doctors are awfully prepared for camping". Come to find out it is protocall for the camp to call 911 in the case that someone is repel out of a tree for medical reasons. The EMT's worked on my and wanted me to go get checked out, but I refused. They did an ekg and still tried to convince me. I was nervous and embarassed by the attention and the crowd that had followed. So they left with out me and I got ready for softball (That's right, I didn't go tot he ER cause I didn't want to miss the game.) I hydrated myself and went to play softball. I don't remember the game, but I know I came back to camp and went to bed with a massive migraine.

One thing to note about this whole adventure:
1. Alex flew through the ropes course (with the exception of waiting on others). I am SO proud of him! I wish I had watch him, but I was busy. He did an amazing job.


kimi said...

What? I heard you fell out of the tree? you mean that's just a RUMOR!!! ;) kisses, you shoulda zipped with me, that was FREAKING FUN!

Kimberly said...

Ok FIRST I am glad you are ok!!!Second..... OMG I would have paid BIG money to see that!!

I will now stop laughing but you can bet I will NEVER let you forget this!!