Wednesday, August 13, 2008

God is so good!

Last night I headed over to a friends house with a heavy heart. I didn't have one specific thing on my heart, I had several. My mind kept trying to remind my heart of God's love and His ability to get my through these trials.

So I headed to a friends to drop off some Disneyland tickets. She offered to let me pick some raspberries from her garden since they would be bad before they returned from their vacation and I had no issues helping her out. I was blessed to just chat a little about nothing much with her & her daughter. Since it would be the first time for me in her backyard I got the full tour. I oggled over her flowers and I also drooled on her hydranga's (my second favorite flower). She insisted that I take some home since she wouldn't be enjoying them. As I was getting ready to leave her neighbor yelled over the fence to come and load up on his flowers since he would be in Austraila for three weeks... well ok!! I left there with some AMAZING flowers. I wish you could smell the roses, but you will just have to enjoy the photos.

Now if I only had lilac's it would have been perfect. My heart wasn't mended in my way last night, but I was reminded of God's beauty in so many things from the ugly plants that produce a beautiful flower, to the honey bees that swarmed around.

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