Monday, August 11, 2008

My Weekend Adventures.....


Friday was a big day for me. I decided to take the day off work & go to the Pacific Northwest Quilt Show. I went on my own and spent the whole day just doing my own thing. I had a BLAST and came up with somenew & exciting ideas. I took tons of photos, but I am not allowed to post them on a site with out permission. But here is a couple of photos I took.

So I'm breaking a rule... this isn't the whole quilt, but I wanted to show you just how AMAZING it is. This is all HAND DONE!!! that's right no machine. She won the award for best of show in hand work. The photo of her name got lost...

In the morning Kim & I headed to Manna Mills to do some Gluten Free shopping. My doc wants me to try it and see how it effects my Lupus.... too bad I am having a TOUGH time finding food I can actually choke down.
Then we went out to snohomish for some blueberries. Kim needed them for a party she was throwing next week so I went along as grunt labor and brought a pound home for my boys.

Just a normal Sunday, no softball, so we stayed home & relaxed. We are house/pet sitting for some friends. It has been an interesting week so far, and I am sure this week will hold it's surprises. Here is one of the kittens trying to figure out what in the world the bubbles are from my bath. The other is just hanging out on the edge of the tub taking her own bath.

This is Lily & Thyme. Both these pets have given us a run for our money. Thyme has to go out during the day, but we need to find her every night. Not fun. We have had a few nights going down stairs every 10-15 minutes calling her in. Lily was really scared of us the first four days and barked the whole time she saw us. Luckily she has wamed up to us and now she will play catch and let us pet her. Here they are hiding under the bed enjoying a nice Sunday evening.
I am loving spending some time in a house. After being in an apartment for 8 years I forgot how wonderful space is. It has really given me some motivation to move in March.... David will be so happy!
It was a fun weekend and now it's time to start the week.

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jgf said...

The handstiching on the quilt is amazing--such tiny, even stitches.