Thursday, August 21, 2008

Have I mention I feel old?

My oldest nephew began college at the Cidadel this week. I can't believe it. My little nephew, whom I babysat for the first several years of his life is in college. My sister showed me photos of him there and I was SHOCKED to see that they shaved his head.... yup, bald. I guess the first week is "He** Week"- kind of like the first week of boot camp. My heart is breaking for him, but Kim assures me he is fine and he knows exactly what he got himself into.

I also realized yesterday that one year from today my oldest son will be entering HIGH SCHOOL! I can't believe it!

Pray for my nephew Chris as he endures this week for torture, and that he can endure his first year at this school. I am truly proud of him and his strength to go through this.

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