Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Exciting Announcement

So over the last year or so David has been unhappy with his job. He has been casually looking for jobs, but he was picky. We continued to pray that God would bring along the job he wanted.

Well a few weeks ago a good friend told David about a job that was open at his work, and he thought David would be perfect for it. So he applied. At the same time he also applied for a handful of other jobs at the same time. Our friend, Gary, had given David a RAVING recomendation and so he got an interview.

The interview was on Monday and they told him they would make a decision by the end of the month. I prayed for patience and a speedy result to their decision. So on my way home from work that afternoon David emailed me that they had made their decision and he should expect a letter in the mail. Once he does he can call and accept the position.

So the letter came today 6 minutes before their office closed. David was able to accept the position and give his two weeks notice today!!! He starts his new job on September 3rd. It will be an exciting day for us- First day of school & first day to a new job.

God has answered our prayers in SO many ways, but He also answered the Tollefson's prayers too. The job is union so there is some security there, it has better insurance, better pay, hours aren't bad, Gary wanted someone there who was a Christian & had a famiy, it's outdoor work, and it isn't down town

So we are celebrating today! Pray for David that he can jump in and learn this new job in a timely manner. He will be working for Olympic Water & Sewer in edmonds, so he will be working out doors again- something he misses.


kimi said...

yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah !!!! I'm so excited for you guys! WOHOO!

Penguintoo said...

So, we have more to celebrate on the 3rd than just back to school!!!