Thursday, August 07, 2008

Playoff highlights

I know you are all on the edge of your seats waiting to hear the highlights from last nights playoff game.

When we arrived at Lynnwood High School there were Canadian Geese all over the out field; so Kent, our coach's husband, decided to take them for a walk.

As we were getting ready for the first game, we were given our 3rd place trophy. I guess the playoffs are a whole different thing so we placed third for the season & now we are headed for first in the playoff's.

Praying before the game... something we try and do every time.

Bonnie & Kelsy getting ready to bat.

Nita, our pitcher this year. She was one of the great additions to our team

And me up to bat. The first game I hit AWESOME. I think I went 3-4, the first hit was a pop up. The second game was a whole nother issue... I don't even know what I hit, but I know I pulled a muscle in my hip, so I have to get that healed before next weeks game.

We won our first game, which meant we had to play the winner of the other game... that's right we were in the "winner's bracket" Yahoo!!

Me being catcher. Kim and I were so lucky. We had 11 girls, which means Kim & I share catching duties. In last nights heat I was VERY thankful to have someone to trade off with so I could sit down.

the team

We WON our second game by one run! I couldn't believe it. We play again next week at 7:30 and if we win that one we are the CHAMPIONS!!!!!! What!?!?! you heard me. If we lose, we have to play again at 8:45 for the hope of the championships. It's hard to believe that a few years ago we were a team that was on the bottom of the standings and now we have slowly worked our way up.

We finished off our night, praying for Nita and thanking God for an amazing and safe night. Keep Nita in your prayers this next week, she is having surgery to get new implants in her ears so she can hear.

And them team photos with the trophy. We are going to time share the trophy over the next weeks... hey, it's the first one we have earned!!!


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