Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Random Weekend Stuff

This weekend was a fun one.

Friday I was working from home, so Mikayla came over to play with Josiah.
Saturday was Mikayla's Birthday party so we went over to Kim's. I didn't pull my camera out but the kids played the Wii and went in the pool. We had a blast celebrating her birthday.
After the party we enjoyed some adult time at Kim's. Josiah & Mikayla watched a movie.

We stayed out late, but still managed to make it to church. Here is Josiah enjoying his hot chocolate with extra whipped cream.

And Mikayla showed up where her birthday crown, Josiah tried it on and I quickly grabbed my camera. I did have to bribe him, but it was worth it.

Sunday we spend the day at the Williams house. We are house/pet sitting for two weeks. David is taking care of the yard and they have a swing set in the back yard so Josiah is in love.

Then it was off to softball. Now, at Mikayla's party fairy wings were handed out... and some (David) brought them to the game. Here are a few random photos from that game.

Did you notice David's fancy softball pants? He got those for his bday.

Nathan Cory with his wings

Kelsey with hers... she even has a fairy wand.

We had a fun weekend and the start of some awesome Seattle weather.

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