Thursday, August 14, 2008

Championship Game

Well, we had our Championship game... it was an interesting one. The first place team won their first game so they played us for their second. If we won it would be over, we would walk away with 1st place. If we loss we would have to play again at 8:45. Low & behold, their bats and gloves were just a tad better than ours in the first game. And in the second they really came out and showed what they could do. It was a disappointing loss, but we did 10 times better this year than we ever have. So Ending the season was bitter sweet. We took 3rd place on the season & 2nd place in the tournament. That is some to definatley be proud of!! Here are some photos from last nights games.


Praying before the game.

Me, if I was smiling I'd be so cute.

Jen, our short stop

Cute Socks!

Kim, one of two of our AWESOME Catchers!!! She also had some amazing hits last night-- WAY TO GO!

Nita, the fabulous pitcher we've had this season.

Ok, who got ahold of my camera and why are their pictures of Shawn being goofy on their?

The camera theif strikes again. I happen to know who's butt this is... why it's on my camera is beyond me. I will have nightmares for DAYS, thank you very much.

what do you do with a 7 year old who has been watching softball for almost 3 hours? Play Go Fish on a blanket! it was a nice evening.


Me after one of my hits

A dugout photo... someone just had an amazing hit as you can see from Jen's face.

End of the year prayer time.


This would have been a GREAT team photo but Tracy and I are asking Keith to turn the flash on and then, the flash pictures turned out horrible. Oh well.

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