Monday, August 18, 2008

My Weekend Adventures

So it was another fun weekend. I am so blessed to have great friends & family to hang out with each day and looking back on my weekends always gives me a smile.
First, on Saturday we babysat Gabe (my nephew). We were still house sitting at the Williams, so he had lots of space to run around.

What do you get when you mix a kitten, a pixie stick with ribbon attached & a one year old? HOURS of fun. I am not kidding, Gabe played with this cat ALL day long. Anytime we put him on the floor he went straight for the pixie stick.

After our afternoon nap, David got the pool out for Josiah & Gabe. The pool has a slide, and it was so warm out that the cold water was PERFECT. Here are some pictures of the boys having fun.

Everytime Josiah went down the slide Gabe would giggle. It was a lot of fun to watch.

On Sunday our Sunday School class had our annual picnic, which I planned this year. I spent most of the afternoon in the water with the kids. It was a blast. I would escort them out to a dock in the water (it was way to far for the 4 & 5 year olds to swim by them selves). Then I usually had to help them back. I definatly got my excersive for the day and I am paying for it today. But some things are just worth it. The smiles, the laughter & the fellowship. It was an amazing afternoon- I wish we had more Sunday's like that.

The group down in the Monan's backyard


All the food. Potlucks are the best!

The entire group, except Ben, who was behind the camera. Maybe we can photoshop him in.

David splashing the guys on the dock.

Maddy, who I just adore. Her and her sister are so beautiful- their parents are in for some fun dating years.
So the weekend was really great. Thanks to Cassnadra that she grabbed my camera & took tons of photos! so now I wait for next weekend, not sure what we have in store- maybe just some R&R... Quilting I hope.

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SKKD Lambing said...

Thank you so very much Cori for all the planning & helping Kelli & others swim around the water. Sorry to hear that your paying for it today, I was praying for you that you wouldn't have a too difficult days ahead. God Bless you & others who hosted this Class Picnic.